Six Degrees of Bob Dylan

Columbia Records along with,,,, and Fanscape have launched a new contest wherein entrants are asked to link Bob Dylan with other pop culture icons (Condoleezza Rice, Bob Marley, etc) a la Kevin Bacon's namesake "six degrees of separation." The Six Degrees of Bob Dylan contest has been created in celebration of Dylan's prolific career that has spanned five decades throughout countless cultural and political shifts. Taking a new twist on an old game, Six Degrees of Bob Dylan offers a digital platform forum for the cream of the pop culture know-it-all crop to prove their worth.

The contest page is being hosted online The site will be updated with a new question every few days and for each question a winner with a correct entry in the shortest amount of steps will be sent a copy of Modern Times. Everyone with a correct entry will be eligible to the grand prize of Dylan's Columbia Records discography, 47 in total.

The connections must be legitimate but they can be drawn from anywhere: movies, music, television, politics, etc. A current standout comes from linking Dylan to Condoleezza Rice.
1. Condoleezza Rice used to work for Chevron. They named a tanker after her.
2. Guitarist Philip Chevron played for the Pogues.
3. The Pogues toured with Bob Dylan in 1990.

After more than sixty official releases in his career, Bob Dylan continues not only to be relevant but vital to folk rock music as well as to popular culture in general. A reluctant anti-hero in the civil rights movement of the '60s, Dylan has always been known for his talent for setting his radical and insightful social commentary to a poetic timbre.

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