5th annual Tokyo Guitar Show

The Tokyo Guitar Show is an annual festival organized for "Guitar and Guitar Music lovers". Gibson Guitar, one of the original sponsors of the show, will exhibit new products at the show which drew over 4, 000 visitors last year and is expecting more than 5, 000 visitors this year. Gibson Guitar will be part of the annual Tokyo Guitar Show, sponsored by Yamano Music, distributor for Gibson products in Japan, for the fifth time.

The Tokyo Guitar Show will display and sell all types of Gibson and Epiphone guitar models. The exhibition will include popular new line-ups from Gibson USA 2006 - Les Paul & SG Menace, Les Paul Vixen, Les Paul & SG Goddess, New Century Series, Vegas Standard & High Roller, Les Paul DC Pro, Les Paul Studio Premium Plus, and Les Paul & SG GT. Opportunities for Guitar fans to play the guitars at the exhibit will be available daily.

The exhibition will also include Japanese original models such as TAK Matsumoto's signature model (Gibson Cusom Shop TAK MATSUMOTO Double Cutaway Cherry Red). TAK Matsumoto is the guitarist of Japanese popular duo B'z and is the first Japanese musician to have a Gibson signature model available to the public.

Further, the display and selling line-up will also include Gibson Acoustic 2006 Japan Selected Wood Customs such as SJ-200 All Koa w/Hand Engraved FB, Pre War J-45 All Koa, Luthier's Choice Advanced Jumbo Koa B/S, Hummingbird Custom Zebrawood B/S, and Nick Lucas Elite All Koa w/Hand Engraved FB.

Artists from the US and Japan such as Yosuke Onuma, a young popular jazz guitarist in Japan and U.S. rock group ARCHER will make appearances at the Gibson exhibit. ARCHER's performance will highlight of the 1st day at Tokyo Guitar Show on June 24th at Hall TFT-300 starting 16:45 following Yosuke Onuma and another popular band "Guitar Wolf."

Also, there will be photo sessions by professional photographers, free Guitar condition diagnosis, interviews with Dr. Epiphone and opportunities for visitors to test out sounds of popular premium cable guitars during the Show. The Show will have enough entertainment to satisfy guitar fans from beginners to professionals.

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