Sanctuary Records Releases Keith Emerson's New Albums

The legendary Keith Emerson (T-Bones, The Nice, Emerson, Lake & Palmer), one of the greatest keyboardist in rock history, exploded into superstardom in the 1970s with partners Greg Lake and Carl Palmer in the boundary-smashing progressive-rock trio. A great present for all his fans all over the world will be three special solo titles -- 'Off The Shelf, ' 'At The Movies' and 'Honky' -- scheduled for release through Sanctuary Records in Spring 2006.

'Off The Shelf' will be released on April 25, 2006. The songs, referred to by Emerson as an "audio montage of musical snapshots, " are rare and previously unreleased solo recordings the keyboardist stockpiled from the mid-1980s to almost the present day. It features original compositions and unique covers in an unpredictable mix of classical, jazz and Brazilian styles. Emerson's adds his distinctive stamp to songs by Elvis Presley, Frank Zappa, Thelonius Monk, Ian Dury and Gary Burton.

Special guests include Palmer, guitarist Pat Travers and The Band vocalist/drummer Levon Helm, who is the featured singer on "Straight Between The Eyes" from the film 'Best Revenge.' Alternate versions of Emerson classics "Pictures At An Exhibition, " "America" and "Abaddon's Bolero" are additional highlights.

The 15 tracks on 'Off The Shelf, ' which are all making their CD debut, include: "Abaddon's Bolero, " "Pictures At An Exhibition, " "And Then January, " "Rio, " "Straight Between The Eyes, " "Don't Be Cruel, " "Au Privave, " "Walter L, " "Rhythm-A-Ning, " "Asian Pear, " "Motor Bikin', " "America, " "Lumpy Gravy, " "Up The Elephant And Around The Castle" and "Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll."

'At The Movies' hits stores on May 23, 2006. It is a three-CD collection of excerpts and pieces from seven films scored by Emerson between 1981 and 2004. Most of this music is very rare and highly sought after by Emerson collectors, and much of it is making its official CD debut in the United States. Disc 1 includes the complete soundtrack to the 1981 Sylvester Stallone suspense thriller "Nighthawks, " which features a rare vocal performance from Emerson on a cover of the Spencer Davis Group classic "I'm A Man." Music from 1986's 'Best Revenge' ends the first disc, including Boston vocalist Brad Delp guesting on "Playing For Keeps." Disc 2 covers three Italian movie scores starting with the 1980 horror film 'Inferno' directed by Dario Argento. Four tracks from director Michele Soavi's 1988 film 'La Chiesa' (or 'The Church') follows. The disc closes with nine tracks from 1986's 'Murderock.' Disc 3 includes the scores for two Japanese films -- 1985's animated feature 'Harmageddon' and 2004's 'Godzilla: Final Wars, ' a remake of the classic original monster movie.

The 67 tracks on 'At The Movies' include:

Disc 1: U.S. Movies
'NIGHTHAWKS' - "Main Theme, " "Mean Stalkin', " "The Bust, " "Nighthawking, " "The Chase, " "I'm A Man, " "The Chopper, " "Tramway, " "I'm Comin' In, " "Face To Face" and "Flight Of The Hawk."
'BEST REVENGE' - "Orchestral Suite, " "Playing For Keeps, " "The Dreamer (Love Theme), " "Wha'dya Mean, " "Outgoing Tide, " "For Those Who Win" and "The Runner."
Disc 2: Italian Movies
'INFERNO' - "Main Title, " "Rose Descends Into The Cellar, " "Taxi Ride (Rome), " "The Library, " "Sarah In The Library Vaults, " "Bookbinder's Delight, " "Rose Leaves The Apartment, " "Rose Gets It, " "Elisa's Story, " "Cat Attic Attack, " "Kazanian's Tarantella, " "Mark's Discovery, " "Mater Tennerbrarum, " "Inferno Finale, " "Cigarettes, Ices Etc." and "Inferno Extras."
'LA CHIESA' - "The Church - Main Theme, " "The Possession, " "Prelude 24" and "La Chiesa Revisited."
'MURDEROCK' - "Main Theme, " "Not So Innocent, " "Prelude To Candice, " "Don't Go In The Shower, " "Coffee Time, " "Candice, " "New York Dash, " "Tonight Is Not Your Night" and "The Spillone."
Disc 3: Japanese Movies
'HARMAGEDDON' - "Theme Of Floi, " "Jo And Michiko, " "Sonny's Skate State, " "Zamedy Stomp, " "Challenge Of The Psionic Fighters, " "Children Of The Light" and "Godzilla Vs. Gotengo."
'GODZILLA: FINAL WARS' - "Main Theme, " "EDF Headquarters Fight, " "EDF Museum, " "Infant Island, " "Rodan Attacks NYC, " "Earth Defense Forces Theme, " "Motorcycle Battle, " "Godzilla Awakens, " "Love Theme, " "Monster Zero Theme, " "Cruising The Cirro Stratus, " "Godzilla Theme" and "Godzilla: Final Wars End Theme."

'Honky' will also be released on May 23, 2006. Emerson's debut solo album was recorded in 1980 for the Italian label Bubble. 'Honky' had a limited CD release in 2000 but this reissue is newly remastered and it includes detailed liner notes and photos. This eclectic, highly diverse album found Emerson displaying his sense of humor front and center. Rock, classical, jazz, honky tonk, boogie-woogie and Caribbean/West Indian styles are all here, along with pseudo-broadcasts of snippets of old standards, commentary and easygoing, lighthearted vocals. Emerson's original pieces blend effortlessly with his interpretations of George Malcolm's "Bach Before The Mast, " Billy Taylor's "Big Horn Breakdown" and Meade Lux Lewis' "Yancy Special."

The 11 tracks on 'Honky' include: "Hello Sailor, " "Bach Before The Mast, " "Hello Sailor Finale, " "Salt Cay, " "Green Ice, " "Intro-Juicing, " "Big Horn Breakdown, " "Yancy Special, " "Rum-A-Ting, " "Chickcharnie" and "Jesus Loves Me."

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