Alcatel awarded 2005 European Union cultural prize

On the occasion of the ninth edition of the Italian Enterprise & Culture Award Contest, an initiative began in 1997 to highlight those companies that are involved in cultural projects, Alcatel has won the 2005 "European Commission" award. This recognition was given to the European company that best invested in culture in Italy.

Alcatel supports numerous artistic cultural projects. "In 2005 Alcatel has supported photography, as a means of communication that is able to overcome language and culture barriers. This kind of art, thanks to digital and broadband technologies which enables global distribution, is a powerful and efficient interpreter able to translate the customs of populations into a universal language", said Andrea Radic, Communication & Public Affairs Director of Alcatel in Italy.

With the sponsorship of "The Kennedys", the largest and most prestigious exhibition of John and Robert Kennedyís lives ever held in Italy, more than seven hundred original pictures and different objects linked have been presented publicly within an historical contest such as Adrianoís Temple in Rome.

Alcatelís support towards this kind of artistic expression will be followed by the photography exhibition "Euro Visions-The new Europeans by Magnum Photographers", the ten countries now belonging to the European Union, immortalized by the famous photographers. The exhibition has been inaugurated in Paris on 20th September 2005 at the Centre Pompidou; in January 2006. Alcatel will bring it to Milan at the prestigious Triennale Palace.

Alcatel cultural involvement in Ital also embraces music. Thanks to Alcatelís broadband technology, the reopening of Milanís Theatre alla Scala, which took place in 2004, was appreciated by a wider and more heterogeneous audience. On the occasion of opening day, many wide screens located in Milan and in the whole region provided the chance for many people from all walks of life to watch the show for free, through broadband technology.

2005 will end in a very special way thanks to the sponsorship of two extraordinary concerts: Franco Battiato and the Royal Philarmonic Orchestra special event, and Woody Allenís Jazz Concert that will take place on December 22nd within the Arcimboldiís Theatre season.

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