Don Joham and Vince Guraldi Music

Don Joham and Vince Guraldi had recorded music together and has yet to be restored and will be released at a later time, This music was recorded in the 60's in Los Angeles. Don went on to play with the best of our jazz artists we all know today, and along the way he developed friendships and musical associations with the most talened of artists. He was sought out by our legends, as they too appreciated his style, his ability, his personality as well as his professionalism. People such as Red Norvo and LeRoy Vinegar, Howard Rumsey and others, as there were many more who were thinking he was someone to watch, they believing he would be going places and did; wanting his name and number, he had that much going for him, his talent was surprising them. His style and ability was the top musicians knew of, as they all sang his praises, saying he was amazing, truly amazing Don Joham. a wonderful talent.

Quote from Howard Rumsey : Don Joham one musician that was most talented. Howard Rumsey had many good things to say, 'Mr. Joham, he was a wonderful drummer, a great personality' and seemed in his opinion, 'destined for many great things in life. A Professional through and through, and a delight to be around.

Quote from Shep Meyers: Don Joham, He was an undeniably talented person. If you look at Shep Meyers website and see who he was associated with as a musician and as a promoter, producer, etc, you would get an inkling of Don's genius, his talent. Shep (to repeat myself) says that Don was the best he ever played with, and probably the best he has ever heard. This is from a man who played with Buddy Rich, and worked on Duke Ellington recordings, so this is saying a whole lot. believing his ways the oddity of genius.

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