Braddigan at Knitting Factory

Saturday, November 26th, at Knitting Factory New York, Malken Music Presents Braddigan (of Dispatch), The Scott Harris Project, Matthew Brian Ruddy, Dan Conklin.

It has been three years since Braddigan started his solo career. He rode the waves with the indie band Dispatch for nine years until this past summer when the band played its epic finale in Boston, "The Last Dispatch, " drawing an estimated 110, 000 people. Braddigan carries on with the Dispatch legacy spending time building relationships, both locally and overseas, investing in a community of listeners who desire more than just music. His first solo album, Watchfires, released in February 2005 on his new label Third Surfer. As far as his sound? Braddigan's music may best be described as "what would happen in a loving fist-fight between Paul Simon, Jack Johnson, and Pearl Jam!" As a drummer/guitar player/singer-songwriter, his songs are rooted in beautifully heavy rhythms, layers of harmonies, and cultural snapshots from his travels. Whether reggae, folk, latin, or rock, Braddigan's music flows lyrically from a deep well of adventures.

Scott Harris, a 20-year old singer-songwriter from Oceanside, Long Island, was born in the Greenwich Village section of New York City. Since before he can remember, Scott has had one defining talent, the ability to play music. In his junior year of high school, Scott assembled the band Low Tyde, for which he was the lead singer and played rhythm guitar. The band captured the ears, hearts and minds of the community, and propelled Scott into his solo career. Since his senior year of high school, Scott has written and performed over 30 songs that have resulted in the development of a strong and loyal fan base. With the recording of his official demo produced by Tommy Byrnes (of Billy Joel's bands), Scott has begun the ascent to the top of the music world that most certainly awaits him. Currently in the Demo Deal process with Warner Brothers, Scott is working on what he hopes to be his first Major Label release with the always exciting production of Limp Bizkit/House of pain member DJ Lethal.

Tonight's show also features opening sets from Matthew Brian Ruddy and Dan Conklin.

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