Eric Van Aro Releases Contemporary Jazz CD Friends

Italian/German Artist Eric Van Aro has a great voice filled with warmth and melody, which he had applied to some well-known classics and originals in his appealing new album titled Friends. Van Aro was born into an Italian/German Artist family with a highly broad-based background. He is the son of the internationally known Singer Caterina Valente and Producer and ex-juggler Erik van Aro Sr. In 1998, Eric Van Aro decided to combine all of his experiences and begin a new crusade with ERAKI Entertainment, a production company that offers expertise of all aspects and services needed in the Entertainment industry.

In August of this year, he released the excellent Friends album. All of his worldly experience in the entertainment industry paid off on the collection of 12 jazz infused tracks. He has a great voice, filled with warmth and melody that has the ability to whisk the listener away. Van Aro takes each tune and turns it into a special interpretation with clever rhythms and different flavorings while punctuating each track with his hard to forget signature vocal stamp. With the support of several top-notch musicians from Italy such as Franco Ambrosetti (trumpet) and Bruno de Filippi (harmonica), Van Aro takes on the compositions on with a grace and feeling that will endear you to his cause.

Songs like “The Painting In My Heart” epitomize the singers' vocal powers and flexibility while “Not The Boy Next Door” highlights an international Latin essence. It is easy to see that Van Aro and his band are having great fun with all of the tunes but they do have a more serious side. “Be Somebody” is one of the more prolific tracks you will ever hear on a jazz album. The words hit you right in the heart and make you reflect upon whom you are and the purpose of your life.

With such diversity comes a wide listening audience and Eric Van Aro’s new album Friends is bound to gain some new friends along the way. Jazz and pop make for instant success and this is an album that will become one of your favorites after only a few listens.

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