New Orleans The Crescent

New Orleans The Crescent. This film is produced through the trademarked series North American Editor. This unique film is the only video in motion picture history to include the Masters of Jazz with this unique World city and the largest port system in the world, The Port of New Orleans.

New Orleans The Crescent is a unique film as it is the first and (as we have been informed) only motion picture to cover the World’ largest port system, The Port of New Orleans, in its entirety. For the first time in film history, the public has access to this work.

New Orleans The Crescent’s soundtrack (which comes with the video free of charge) includes full songs from a rare group of the true inventors of Jazz in the world: Freddie Hubbard, Pat Martino (Composition by Delmar Brown), Wes Montgomery The Crusaders (Composition by: Nesbert Stix Hooper), & Roy Ayers.

The video includes: Canal Street, the Garden District, Vieux Carre (The French Quarter), the Central Business District and The Port of New Orleans and a surprise ending which includes one of the landmarks of World. “Inspired images which generates music (in the mind) or music which magically produces images…which is it! New Orleans The Crescent can be purchased on either VHS or DVD and is produced and distributed exclusively by Human Utilities Whole Armour.

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