Lennon on McCartney in first broadcast of famous Wenner tapes

BBC Radio 4 is to give the first UK broadcast of excerpts from the 1970 interview which John Lennon himself referred to as "definitive". The interview, with Rolling Stone founder and editor Jan Wenner, took place shortly after the Beatles split. In it, Lennon accuses former band-member Paul McCartney of being "form and no substance" and claims their song-writing relationship was over as early as 1962, after which "we did our best work apart". The interview, to be broadcast on Radio 4 on Saturday 3 December at 7.00pm in the Archive Hour, is taken from tapes of Wenner's extensive interrogation of Lennon.

It documents the Beatles' career and split with painstaking emotion, and at times excruciating detail, and serves as a major and controversial point of exorcism for Lennon. It was the last interview he ever gave with such candour. In it, he speaks bitterly of his strained relationship with McCartney: "One of the main reasons the Beatles ended is because... I pretty damn well know, we got fed up with being sidemen for Paul."

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