Tony Adamo-A Hit Record In the Air

Knock, knock. Who’s there? A hit record in the air. The inside buzz has started on Tony Adamo’s new CD to be released in 2006. Record industry A&R executives have already been in contact with Adamo’s producer, guitarist, Jerry Stucker about this new artist. Neil Larsen, keyboardist extraordinaire (Diana Krall, B. B. King, Greg Allman) was in Los Angeles earlier this month recording tracks for singer/songwriter Tony Adamo’s new CD release. Jerry Stucker oversaw the recording session. Earlier in the year, Neil recorded (organ) on two covers, “Wine Light” and “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy” to also be included on Adamo’s new release. This session finds Larson again on organ for Adamo’s “Lolita” and Jerry Stucker/Mark Kaye’s tune, “Up In It.” “Lolita” is a Latin vocal groove that transcends today’s Pop hook predictability and settles into a fusion of Smooth-Latin contemporary Pop vocals. “Up In It” is a Funk vehicle just right for Adamo’s voice. Jerry Stucker said of Larsen’s playing, “I was watching a master musician work at the top of his game.”

“Ready” Freddy Washington on bass (Antia Baker, Al Jerreau, Gerald Albright) is part of the rhythm section for “Up In It.” James Gadson on drums comprises the other part. That’s James you hear on Bill Withers, “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone, ” and “Use Me.” Jerry Stucker plays the lead and solo guitar on “Up In It.”

Mic Gillette, former lead trumpet for the legendary group, Tower of Power, wrote the horn arrangements for “Lolita” and “Up In It.” Mic came up with horn arrangements for these songs that will be labeled instant classics. The harmonic vibe Neil Larsen lays down between Mic’s horn arrangements and the rhythm section on these two cuts, are some of the most innovative riffs to be heard behind a singer in a long time.

Adamo’s song “Hey Lou” is the featured song on Paul Jackson’s new CD release Funk On A Stick. Jackson was the former original bass player for Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters. For more info on Tony Adamo go to or type in Tony Adamo jazz, or Tony Adamo funk in Yahoo or Google search.

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