Johnny Cash Created by Randsom Keith

Washington's own Johnny Cash impersonator Dan Whyms and Randsom Keith may have a spiritual connection to the late and great Johnny Cash.

It appears that Whym's name appears hidden in an original etching created by Randsom Keith of Johnny Cash. The letters are clearly viewed in the folds of the shirt and the collar of Johnny Cash. Some of the letters in "Dan Whyms" are more detailed and clearer than others. However, the one thing that is for certain is that it does clearly say "Dan Whyms". Whyms noticed the strange occurrence.

Randsom Keith was clearly unaware of the occurrence until he was notified and told to clearly look at the artwork. The two have never met and were completely unaware of each other. Whyms had bought a print from the artist and noticed the image of his name on the chest of Johnny in the artwork. Whyms frantically showed everybody he knew the occurrence. One person after another fell into a shocking disbelief that this artist may be the connection to Cash to Whyms. When Whyms contacted Keith and told him the story of what was in the artwork it sent chills down Keith's spine. Randsom's has stated that it is not the first time a strange unexplainable event has occurred in his artwork. Randsom had no clue of why the name would be in the art.

The artwork was pulled out and examined and it has been confirmed that it does in deed say "Dan Whyms" across the chest. Whyms in near disbelief himself felt an affirmation of hope to continue his journey to preserve Cash's legend. Whyms has a list of similarities and fateful connections to the great entertainer. His family had built and owned the Cash farm among other interesting facts. Whyms is currently touring his remarkable Cash tribute show. The question at hand here is if it is in truth a connection to the spirit of Cash or is just mere coincidence. Calling it a mere incident of chance is hard to swallow with all the facts in this matter. We believe that there is a connection to Randsom, Dan Whyms, and Johnny Cash. How else would this be explained?

When asked what Randsom was going to do with the original metal etching 6"x5" with the unexplainable image he had no comment. All he could say was "this is by far a higher energy at work here, and I am unsure of what to make of this. I am not sure of what this means and I do wonder if Johnny Cash has something to do with this etching. I created this piece in June of 2004 for an Art Festival. It was a tribute to Johnny's music and character. I always thought he was the coolest guy and was first rate. What's strange is that the festival was for Blues and Jazz music, and I never really could explain why I did the Cash piece being the circumstances. Maybe there was a reason I just didn't understand it for another 15 months."

The original piece is being held in a safe until it is ready for auction. World Class Art has no intentions on selling this priceless etching any time soon. If in fact it is a higher power at work here, it is priceless. It is a mystery to all involved.

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