Steel Jam Session Opened on Broadway

New York artist, Ludvic announced, that he will be exhibiting his sculptures at New York University, Broadway Windows. The exhibit titled, "Steel Jam" opened on Friday, November 18, 2005 and will be on display until January 8, 2006. The installation is mounted in five windows at the corner of Broadway and East Tenth Street and is lighted 24 hours a day. The show is curated by Ruth Newman of New York University.

Ludvic will be exhibiting pieces from "Folksong of the Midwest, " the works are fashioned mostly from American hand tools. "A symphony of welded steel becomes a melodious herald of the approaching winter holidays, " reads the New York University press release, "Ingeniously fashioned with wit and elegance, this curious assembly of cast metal tools seem to move in response to an appreciative, invisible audience, Giant shears are joined by drills, wrenches and table saws -- like a jazz improvisation, each makes music separately, yet somehow, all play together."

The artist says of these works, "What the viewer sees in my sculptures is the flowering of a moment that, once seized and elaborated, is the very act of creation -- never shematic, but transcribed by constant re-figuration. In the end, these sculptures are like the pieces of a puzzle that cannot be put back together, as the elusive attempt at a possible definition disappears. They survive in their various fragments, as visual chords -- a continuum, created in a steel jam session that only a sculptor's mind can conceive."

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