jazz announces its start date, the website that will license the recorded performances and compositions of hundreds of independent Jazz artists through a complete online process, announces its start date of November 21st, 2005. The site will feature a huge inventory of independently recorded Jazz that is free and clear for licensing to the Film, TV, Commercial and related industries.

Jazz Planet will also provide an extensively cross- referenced database that keys in on Jazz genres; the moods, style, era, and instrumentation, as well as artist info and tracks from world-class Jazz artists who do not have a record label behind them.

Conceptualized and created by Jazz drummer, Peter Donald, Jazz Planet is the only website that specializes in Jazz and all of its genres and provides tools for the end user to become more knowledgeable about Jazz music. Jazz Planet draws from an International community of Jazz musicians offering the opportunity to digitize, archive and license tracks to the world of media production. For members of the music industry and jazz enthusiasts alike, Jazz Planet offers substantial knowledge of jazz and an extensive, organized collection of tracks from artists of the highest caliber. Among the many musicians that will be featured on the site, included are the world-renowned drummer, Peter Erskine (recently having toured with Diana Krall); soprano sax master Dave Liebman and the incomparable tenor saxophonist, two time Grammy Award Winner, Ernie Watts.

“In the past 10 years, recording has become much less expensive due to computer technology and, with the same technology, it has become standard practice to incorporate pre-existing music tracks into the production process.” says Donald. “This is a natural fit for the content provider and the end user.” Jazz Planet creates a place where music supervisors/editors, producers, directors and other creatives will have easy access to a wide variety of Jazz recordings at a reasonable price. The music can be previewed, downloaded for demo and licensed with final tracks immediately accessed.

Licensing has become a $4 billion a year industry. This creates the opportunity for the independent musician, who has a catalogue of self-financed recordings, to realize more return on his/her investment. It also exposes the music to a larger audience thus promoting the artist with increased CD sales and greater demand for live performances.

Ultimately, plans to be the most vital Internet destination for jazz content without the high costs and time consuming process of dealing with major labels and publishers. The site will provide a user-friendly service for licensing needs, while educating the user and exposing gifted musicians to a larger segment of Jazz enthusiasts.

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