Larra Skye: Debut Album

Young singer / songwriter Larra Skye launches her debut album The World Disappears at one of Toronto’s most prestigious jazz venues, The Montreal Bistro, Tuesday, December 6th.

Larra, at 22 years of age, has had a lifetime of experiences that have led to her unique voice as a musical storyteller. On the shelves of her family's bookstore were Larra's tools for learning to play guitar and inspirations for writing songs. By age 11, the former Ryerson journalism student was singing and learning the nuances of harmony in a professional children's choir, and at 14 was writing and regularly showcasing her original material at a Newmarket coffeehouse.

Throughout her high school years, she played trombone in a variety of jazz ensembles and concert bands, and also fronted the six-piece folk-rock outfit Mars Violet that played the 2002 Women's Voices Festival in Ottawa. In addition to providing experience as a band leader, Mars Violet was also Larra's showcase for her own original songs in French and English.

Co-writers and collaborators on The World Disappears include Gerard P. Finn (Damhnait Doyle, EMI), Eric Boucher, Adrean Farrugia, and Mladen Solaja. The CD was recorded at Reaction Studios in 2005 and features some of the most respected and sought-after jazz musicians in Canada including pianists Farrugia and Boucher, drummer Kevin Brow, bassist Jim Vivian, trumpeter Kevin Turcotte, saxophonist Bob Brough, and guitarists Geoff Young and Matt Stevens. The album is released independently by Larra's label, AudioMaiden Music.

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