Jazz Police Nab One Million

Jazz Police, the live jazz performance and traveler's information website at, is celebrating its one millionth unique visitor session. Jazz Police patrol the jazz scene nationwide to uncover great spots to hear live jazz. Since it's inception in April of 2004 jazz police has grown in scope and loyal readers by helping fans find good live jazz. has a mission of promoting the best of live jazz in local communities nationwide. This service is of great benefit to traveling jazz fans who are looking to enjoy great live jazz when on the road. It also helps local jazz clubs and restaurants by sending more out-of-town dollars to their businesses. By helping people find live music Jazz Police helps increase demand for live jazz so, as Dewey Redman recently said, “musicians can keep appearing and stop disappearing”.

Jazz Police Founder and Publisher, Don Berryman says, “I started Jazz Police because it is the kind of service I wanted. I knew where to find live jazz at home, but as a traveler I had often visited a city and relied on the hotel or taxi driver to tell me where to hear live jazz, only to find out later I had missed really good shows. So with the help of many contributers and great writers like our Twin Cities contributing editor Andrea Canter, Jazz Police now publishes guides to live jazz in cities nationwide and is a favored jazz guide for travelers and locals alike".

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