jazz's Holiday Gift Guide, a comprehensive digital music site that caters to the way people learn about and listen to music today and a property of CNET Networks, Inc., launched its annual holiday gift guide, developed to assist consumers with purchasing holiday gifts for music enthusiasts. The gift guide is compiled by editors based on their own expertise as well as the most popular selections from the site's audience of passionate music fans. It provides recommendations for must-have albums, audio players and accessories, and online music services.

To streamline the shopping experience, the Holiday Gift Guide provides three categories of gift recommendations, complete with appropriate product reviews, demos, and links to trusted sites for users who want to make purchases. The categories include:

-- Music Albums -- Highlights the five top albums in ten music genres including alternative, country, hip-hop, jazz, metal, and rock/pop, plus the top DVD in each genre.

-- Players and Accessories -- Recommends the top five MP3 players and player accessories.

-- Online Music Services -- Provides recommendations for five online music services including, Rhapsody To Go, Yahoo! Music Unlimited, Napster To Go, and as well as insight on the MP3 players with which these services are compatible.

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