New Word In Jazz Education

MakeMusic, Inc. announced today the release of version 9.0 of SmartMusic(R). This essential teaching and learning tool motivates, guides and documents the individual development of students in band, orchestra and choir. Version 9.0, which is available for free to all current subscribers of SmartMusic, transforms jazz education with the following exclusive features:

-- New jazz repertoire created by Wynton Marsalis and his musicians. SmartMusic brings Marsalis' music to life for jazz students. Students learn from the masters while playing with accompaniments performed by Eric Lewis on piano, Carlos Henriquez on bass and Ali Jackson on drums.

-- On-screen transcription of rhythm section accompaniments in the Wynton Marsalis Series and other select jazz titles by Jamey Aebersold and Alfred Publishing. Students can see and hear the music as they practice at any tempo. Transcriptions help rhythm sections learn to comp behind soloists.

-- Challenging Jazz Exercises, including swing solo-line playback and assessment tools, to guide students as they develop their skills.

-- Jazz Improvisation Patterns are included with all on-screen jazz titles to help students learn to read chord changes.

-- 160 graded Play by Ear Exercises. Using "call and response" methodology, these exercises develop listening skills and help students learn to improvise expressively. Includes 20 Blues Licks exercises.

In addition to the above jazz features, SmartMusic 9.0 provides many additional enhancements, including:

-- Repertoire additions of select musicals (including Porgy and Bess, West Side Story, and My Fair Lady) with music on-screen for woodwind, brass and string instruments

-- Repertoire additions of select Baroque titles with music on-screen

-- Thanks to a partnership with Sonic Implants, SmartMusic 9.0 has several new and updated playback sounds. Enhanced sound libraries include harpsichord, cello, jazz drum set, acoustic bass, electric piano, electric bass, electric guitars, tone-wheel organ, brass and saxophone solos and sections and Latin percussion.

-- Updated Sound Fonts with improved loading performance, added chorus and reverb capabilities and the addition of vibraphone for jazz solo line playback

-- Improved assessment for woodwind and brass instruments

-- Cello, Contrabass, and pizzicato string assessment in methods

-- String assessment in exercises

-- Assessment added for Electric Bass in methods

-- Compatible with Finale(R) 2006 - SmartMusic can now read files created with Finale 2006 - plus these files can display music on-screen and assess brass, woodwind and string students' performances

"SmartMusic 9.0 propels jazz education into the computer age, " stated MakeMusic President John Paulson. "For the first time, jazz students have the interactive, common-sense tools that help them develop the many skills that intelligent, confident improvisation requires. Furthermore, jazz educators have the means with which to systematically deliver a practical improvisation curriculum and document the progress of every individual student."

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