Jon Robert Quinn's new CD JeRQ THIS!

Jon Robert Quinn's fourth CD Release is outstanding, providing intense, in-your-face instrumental rock. This CD provides 13 high-energy tracks that redefines Jon Robert Quinn's sound and abilities. “The Intimidator” provides 7 minutes of mayhem with a musical portrait of one of his heros, Dale Earnhardt Sr. This song provides the listener with glory, pride, pain, and victory, yet leaves more to brandish with the rest of the cd. “Believe” slows things down a bit with a sound from another galaxy. This song brings the soulful side of JRQ with slow and dramatic melodies with an extra-terrestrial mood. Months before JeRQ THIS! was released, radio stations from around the world got to sample the CD. Immediately, they started adding songs to their playlists. This is no suprise to anybody, since this is the best Jon Robert Quinn record to date and critics have given this CD outstanding reviews.

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