Bluegrass Music Museum: Interactive Tours

From short videos, touch-screen exhibits and hands-on instrument lessons to in-depth music history discussions, film screenings, instrument demonstrations and group teaching of an entire song…with instruments!…The International Bluegrass Music Museum (IBMM )tours are tailored to offer a special experience for every age group, from seniors to youngsters. The museum’s plan is to foster in Kentucky school-age children a sense of ownership of bluegrass music and to ignite a passion in young adults for a musical form that has inspired much of today’s popular music as well as provide an entertaining, educational experience for travel groups who visit Western Kentucky. Additional focus is placed on honoring and paying tribute to the pioneers of bluegrass music through the “IBMA Bluegrass Hall of Honor” display and discussions of the museum’s on - going “Video Oral History Project”.

The International Bluegrass Music Museum is the only museum of its kind in the world. It is located in the beautiful RiverPark Center Complex in downtown Owensboro on the banks of the Ohio River. With a mission to preserve and promote bluegrass music, the museum provides extensive educational services, a lasting home for bluegrass, and great entertainment for music fans worldwide.

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