Holly Lena Moore recording a country album

by Mikel Gore

Holly Lena Moore is in Nashville currently recording a country album with Legends Hall Of Fame producer Robert Metzgar. The Hall Of Fame producer is a leader in finding new talent and developing those artists for major labels in many genres. The 17 year old beauty who attended the Palo Cedro, California High School was a cheerleader at Foothill High School for three years.

She auditioned for the veteran country music hit maker in Orlando, Florida at an event sponsored by Lou Pearlman of NSync fame. There at Talent Rock the incredible songs and performance by Holly garnered her a position in the Top 5 Finalists in the worldwide event and she was the only singer on Mr. Metzgars call back list.

Holly started her new album in Nashville in October. Her first session in the studio with incredibly talented musicians was a natural high. While the average country album today costs well in excess of $150, 000 at a label in Music City, the beautiful country singer whose personality is reminiscent of actress Julia Roberts, or singer Martina McBride has found a label home and a studio that believes in her talent. Shes struck by the influences of Faith Hill and how committed she is to her family. I admire her not only as a woman, artist and professional, but shes a wife and homemaker as well. Being on stage is a passion for me, Moore said in an interview for her biography piece. I know in my heart that Im supposed to sing and be doing what Im doing in the music business. I sing from my heart with my emotions and my feelings all exploding through my songs. Thats the music inside me that makes me what I am as a solo artist. Growing up, I watched many others in their quest as solo artists. Now, Im that artist.

Her producer worked hard to find her hit songs by the greatest hit songwriters in the city of Nashville. From Dennis Morgan (The Dance-Garth), Tom Shapiro (22#1 Billboard records) to Dewayne Blackwell (Friends In Low Places-Garth) the legendary hit maker Metzgar has rounded up some of the greatest hit material in his 30 year Grammy winning history. See The album is being recorded at Chelsea Studios in Nashville. The studio is famous for hosting some of the greatest talent in music from Frank Sinatra to Tom T Hall.

Her co-producers and surrounding entourage of people who have assisted her on her future project is like a list of Whos Who of the music business. Platinum Plus Universal is one of the largest development labels in the world and also boasts some of the most successful artists in the music business. Holly Lena Moore has everything you look forward to in a commercial presentation of music. She has humility, beauty, a wonderful family and a commercial voice to die for. Her next sessions this year in Nashville will be indexed against a tough economy, a war on terrorism and the uncertain future. However, in a world that seems so uncertain, there is one thing you can count on. You can count on Holly Lena Moore to deliver an album to market that will be as solid as a rock. She has hit material written all over everything she does in the music business.

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