"Walk the Line" Inspires Original Johnny Cash Band

The Tennessee Three, the original Johnny Cash band, has released a new album, is beginning to tour again and is in the running for several Grammy Award nods this year. Even though the "Man In Black" is no longer with us, the men who helped create his unique sound continue on in tribute to him.

After Johnny Cash died in September of 2003, the members of his original band, The Tennessee Three, naturally assumed it was time to hang up their hats. With a new film about Cash opening nationwide on November 18th, interest in the life and music of “The Man In Black” has reached a fever pitch. The Tennessee Three has not been immune to this renewed interest and have announced a new tour schedule in support of a new album “We Still Miss Someone”, a tribute to their friend Johnny Cash. They recently completed a multi-date tour of Ireland.

A representative for the band, Trevor Chowning, calls the band’s original members, Bob Wootton and W.S. Holland, “certifiable music legends.” That is no exaggeration when one considers that Wootton instituted the characteristic “boom-chicka-boom” guitar style that would come to be known as Cash’s signature sound. W.S. Holland holds his own among this crowd by being the world’s first Rock & Roll drummer, performing on the original “Blue Suede Shoes” record by Carl Perkins for Sun Records. The duo are also in the running for as many as six Grammy Award nominations for the work on their latest album.

Chowning’s company, Direct Entertainment, is heading publicity and organizing performances by The Tennessee Three as well as aiding them in reaching the modern youth market. “That’s not as difficult as you might think” claims Chowning. He continued, “Remember, Johnny and the guys were playing sold out shows to younger crowds at places like the House of Blues and on their concert dates up until he passed away.” Vicky Cook, wife of Bob Wootton added, “Everybody loves Johnny’s music. He really got a kick out of playing for all those young folks.”

“Walk the Line” is the biopic film starring Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash and Reese Witherspoon as his wife of 35-years, June Carter Cash. Sota Toys has also announced production of an action figure in Cash’s likeness. The second coming of Cash seems to know no end, and to the contrary, promises to grow into one of America’s greatest music legacies.

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