Christmas In Montserrat

Montserrat Festival 2005 begins December 7, 2005 and culminates on January 2, 2006 with a Parade of Troupes and Street Jam in Festival Village. Other events throughout the month include: Calypso Competitions on December 16 and December 30; Steel Pan Competition on December 20, Queen Pageant on December 26; and Christmas Jazz Show on December 28.

This year's festivities will also include a Montserrat Musical Extravaganza featuring dancehall artist Tanya Stephens with performances by local artists such as Roots Revival Band, Kwasi and Akapella.

The holidays in Montserrat is a time for religious reflection, spending time with loved ones, spreading goodwill unto others and the island's biggest party of the year. That's right, the Montserrat Festival highlights the culture, creativity and talent of Montserrat with events such as Miss Festival Queen Pageant, a Calypso King Competition, Musical Extravaganza and vibrant costumed masqueraders parading in the streets.

"Christmas in Montserrat embodies all the components of the traditional Carnival festivities but without losing the strong elements and ancestral art of festivals in the past. The island and people come alive with color, beauty and talent, which, in turn create an event not to be missed, " commented Ernestine Cassell, Director of Tourism, Montserrat Tourist Board.

Montserrat, a lush green and mountainous island of approximately 39 square miles, lies in the Eastern Caribbean chain of islands. Known fondly as the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean, this pear shaped island is a traveler's paradise for nature lovers, divers, adventurers, family and villa vacationers, and honeymooners. This British overseas territory boasts the spectacular Soufrière Hills Volcano, a modern day Pompeii in the form of its buried former capital city Plymouth, alongside lush, green mountains, world class nature trails, deserted dark sand beaches, untouched reefs and a quiet friendly charm reminiscent of the way the Caribbean used to be.

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