Drums on Demand Releases the "Jazz/Latin Collection"

Available in Acidized WAV, REX2 and Apple Loops stereo formats and Multitrack WAV format, there's everything from waltzes and two-beats to the latin bossa novas, rhumbas and samba's that form the core of many traditional jazz compositions. A vintage ‘60s Gretsch kit and special edition Noble & Cooley snare round out the authenticity of this release.

Drums On Demand’s seventh release, The Jazz-Latin Collection is appropriate for everyone from traditional jazz artists or guitarists working on solo chops to producers doing smooth crossover jazz/pop. You'll also find a relatively consistent mix across the entire volume for easier mixing and matching of loops from different Song Sets.

The Jazz-Latin Collection is organized with Drums On Demand’s patent-pending Song Set system, with each set featuring as many as 73 verse, chorus, fill, bridge, break, intro, ending and other loops. Simply find the Master Loop that fits your song and use the other loops and segments in the Song Set to quickly build a drum track that feels and sounds like a live drummer playing a real song—with a veteran engineer at the console.

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