CEA to Deliver 'Great Audio Experience' to Consumers

The Consumer Electronics Association today announced a partnership with Concord Music Group, one of the largest independent record companies in the world, to educate consumers on how great audio equipment can improve the quality of sound and enhance the overall music experience.

The two organizations will launch a pilot program, set to begin November 10, which will invite consumers to enjoy a demonstration of high quality audio at participating retail stores and receive an exclusive Concord Music Group CD sampler mastered by Doug Sax and produced by Phil Ramone, a legend in the music industry.

"Portable digital audio devices focus consumers on the quantity of music made possible with technology, " said CEA President and CEO Gary Shapiro. "But advances in consumer electronics have also drastically improved the quality of sound available to consumers. This audio demonstration produced by Phil Ramone and Concord Music Group will highlight the impact that the right audio equipment can have on the music experience."

Demonstration invites will be distributed nationwide via inserts in the perennial best-seller, Vince Guaraldi's "Charlie Brown Christmas" CD, which will be available at all Starbucks Coffee House locations beginning November 10. Invitations will direct consumers to visit to find the nearest participating retail store for an audio demonstration. Following the demo, consumers will receive the demonstration disc, which will include cuts from the eight-time GRAMMY(R) Award-winning Ray Charles "Genius Loves Company" album, along with exclusive cuts from Christian Scott, Taylor Eigsti and Erin Boheme, three of the jazz genre's rising stars.

Sampler producer Phil Ramone is one of the most respected and prolific music producers in the recording industry, with over 30 Grammy nominations, 12 GRAMMY Awards, an Emmy, and numerous honors and accolades. Ramone has played a pioneering role in many of the technological developments in the music industry over the years, supporting use of the compact disc, digital video disc, high-definition recording and surround sound.

"To understand the impact of fine audio equipment on the music, consider the difference between watching a movie in black and white versus full color, " said Gene Rumsey, general manager for Concord Music Group. "It's an entirely new experience. The quality of sound made possible with today's technology adds richness, tone and emotion to music, whether it's jazz, pop or classical. The right audio can take the music you enjoy and make it even better."

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