City Canyons Records Releases New EP from Sara Wendt

City Canyons Records announced today the limited release of a long awaited new EP, "Here's Us" from acclaimed New York artist Sara Wendt.

Sara Wendt's six songs from her City Canyons Records EP, "Here's Us, " are a study in contrasts, rocking yet delicate and nuanced, tough yet tender, and reflective yet electrifying, featuring haunting overtones that make her music both vivid and dreamy. The music of the New York recording artist has been described as alternative pop rock with a light sprinkle of Celtic seasoning but that description leaves volumes unsaid. Sara's music, both exhilarating and aching, goes straight through the ear to the heart.And while Sara's voice may be waif-like at times, there's a power there just under the surface that can and will burst forth. While her debut CD, "Parachute" charted as a top play on national radio stations and reviewers called her tunes, "music for your dreams, " Sara reaches her full powers as an artist with "Here's Us" creating lush and beautifully crafted alternative pop music and clothing it in lyrics with the color and brilliance of jewels.

Sara's unique and refreshing sound has found its way into movies and television including use on the former hit series "Ed".

City Canyons Records is a Manhattan based independent label featuring an international roster of artist. In addition to Sara Wendt, other artists on the Manhattan based City Canyons roster are New York artists, Jen Elliott and Timothy Dark, The Alrights from Minnesota, UK artists David Steele, ANEMO and The John Wilde Group and Valerian from Finland. Genres range from hard rock, to pop, to blues, to hip-hop to alternative rock.

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