Jazz Jam’ at Grundy Park Leisure Centre

A second free ‘Jazz Jam’ will take place at Strikers bar and café in Grundy Park Leisure Centre on Friday, 18 November.

The ‘Jazz Jam’ is an opportunity for jazz-inspired musicians to play in front of a live audience. A backing band will perform throughout the evening welcoming others to join them on stage. The backing band includes local musicians Jeff Daggers (drums), Matthew Fairman (pianist) and Wally Shaw (double bass).

At the first session in October, Grant Martin, a 19 year old jazz/blues pianst played with the band. Grant recently won a Young Hertfordshire Musicians award. An audience of approximately 40 enjoyed the night of free music.

Musicians interested in jazz are invited to attend the evening and participate in making the entertainment. Those who enjoy listening to live jazz are also welcome to attend the free entertainment.

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