The Showcase of the Era

In an effort to send independent band's sales through the roof, Music-Tech.Net has designed an authentic and incredible independent band competition. The Music-Tech.Net Indie Artist Showcase runs in twelve week cycles and will prove to be a revolutionary predictor of indie band success, and the goal is to increase the CD sales of signed and unsigned independent bands. Independent bands are selected to showcase based on electronic press kits, talent and marketability. Music-Tech.Net will present selected bands' CDs for sale in the “Music-Tech.Net Indie Artist Showcase” and in targeted internet marketing campaigns. Music-Tech.Net extends an invitation to independent bands to submit their web site and/or electronic press kit for review.

Band's electronic press kits must include a link to the band's web site, photos, a short bio, performance calendar, music samples and lyrics for all tracks on the CD. Samples must not be longer than two minutes or one half the length of the track. Bands must have a market ready CD product available for download and/or for mail to buyers. All genres are accepted for review provided content is for general audiences. To win the showcase bands will compete by actively performing and promoting their CD through marketing channels and sending fans from concerts, online marketing campaigns, radio and other promotional resources to their web site and to Music-Tech.Net to purchase their CD.

An Award of Distinction is given to the artist, band in the Indie Artist Showcase with the most units sold during the twelve week period. The recipient of the award will receive a gift certificate up to $6,000.00 based on CD sales from Music-Tech.Net and/or sponsors. The recipient will receive press exposure and internet marketing support. Additionally, among the many benefits to each band showcased is the commission from the sale of their CD. The showcase is to culminate in an event and performance in the great city of Atlanta, GA where the Award of Distinction and gift certificate will be presented.

During showcases Music-Tech.Net, finalists' and winners' web sites have shown significant increases in web site traffic. With each showcase Music-Tech.Net strives to reach closer proximity to the advertising campaign goal of over 2,800,000 visitors during the twelve week showcase. Submissions are reviewed in the order received, and the deadline for submission to the third showcase is January 21, 2006. The twelve week showcase begins after submissions are reviewed and semi-finalists’ reviews post to the Music-Tech.Net web site.

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