Rick Bishop's What 4

What 4 is The new CD from the bassist, composer and Colby College music associate, Rick Bishop. The CD is Bishops fourth release on P.E.P.Records and includes tracks recorded at Resolution Sound in Vermont, live tracks recorded by Perrow Audio in Maine, intimate duets recorded at guitarist Tom Hoffmans studio, as well as tracks with clarinetist Eric Thomas at Bishops home in Waterville Maine. Other featured musicians include saxist Marshall DeMott, Will Bartlet, Chris White and guitarist Doug Wainoris (of the Blues Prophets).

While ensemble is the core of this composers efforts, the bass is more prominent in this recording, and Rick is heard on the fretless, fretted, and twelve string bass in different styles and textures only afforded by his long experience as leader and sideman. Rick is currently performing with the Rick Bishop Jazz Quartet, The Colby Jazz Quintet, as well as the Colby Classical Guitar Ensemble.

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