Robin Stine's Daydream

Singer, songwriter, Robin Stine has made her CD debut, with Daydream hitting #9 on the Podcast charts, after enjoying success for more than two years as a local favorite across the Gulf Coast. Surviving two hurricanes, including Ivan, the Terrible, Stine determined she would produce her album regardless the weather. Three weeks before Katrina hit New Orleans, Stine had gotten together with a studio to record her album but was moved, again, as the storm barreled down on the famous city.

This time, Stine ended up in New York, after a call from producer Mark Bingham. To her surprise, she met up with musicians who were ready to perform and eager to help her put her CD together. 'All of the tracks were recorded live in the studio. We did them all in two days,' says Stine.

Stine wrote all the songs on her album, except 'Nature Boy' The title track, 'Daydream' was co-written with Chris Whiteman from the University of Miami. Daydream has a distinct New Orleans flavor on several tunes with a sharp yet muted, brass background.

'Four of the musicians were from New York and three of them actually were there from New Orleans' says Stine. 'They were displaced from the storm too. The musicians who joined me included Steve Cardenas on guitar, Warren Bernhardt on piano, Gary Burke on drums, Steven Calandra on bass, Mark Bingham on guitar, Steven Bernstein on trumpet and Matt Rhody on violin.'

Smokey, sultry, with just a hint of innocence, Stine carries her songs with subtle seduction�a little jazzy, a smidgeon of blues, caressing each note with exquisite care. Beginning her album with the song 'Don�t I Know' Stine sets the stage for the exciting venture through her 13 track album with a perky tempo, playfully sexy tune, backed by sublime piano roll. 'Nature Boy' takes on a sultry air with definitive drumbeats and soft swinging sax. Following with 'Half My Heart' Stine takes us into an airy, thought provoking melody with the stretch of New Orleans style piano and pulsating bass.

'Sweet Blossom' makes a statement of pure seduction in a not so subtle, 'come with me invitation.' Drums take a stealthy lead on 'I've Got A Secret' with a pronounced deep guitar strut.

While all the tracks feature Stine's divine vocals, she leaves plenty of space for each musician to shine, varying tempo, time and space. Robin Stine is known for her ability to integrate jazz, blues and pop flavor with her writing and her vocals. Consistently asked to perform across the coast, deep into Miami, Nashville and Atlanta, Stine came out with her feet on the ground, launching her own label: Sweet Blossom Records.

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