Selected Vocal Works of Steve Lacy

Singer Monika Heidemann, joined by reedists Josh Sinton and Oscar Noriega and guitarist Khabu will perform one set of vocal works by the late saxophonist/composer Steve Lacy as part of the Gnu Vox vocal series at Cornelia st. Cafe on Thursday, November 10. They will focus on the texts of writer, painter, and mystic, Brion Gysin, set to the music of Steve Lacy. Lacy and Gysin had a long and fruitful collaboration that spanned several decades. Together they collaborated on nearly twenty original songs (”Somebody Special, ” “Nowhere Street, ” “Dreams, ” and “Gay Paree Bop” among others) and one record ( Songs).

With this ensemble, Monika Heidemann revives the spirit and energy of this underground duo that added so much to the art-song tradition. Lacy was a teacher of both Heidemann and Sinton.

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