Jen Rathbun at “Woman of Jazz” Radio Show

Jazz vocalist Jen Rathbun will be presented Wednesday, November 9, 2005 at 8 PM PST on Jaijai Jackson’s “Woman of Jazz” program. This show, which focuses on emerging jazz artists. Jaijai Jackson (daughter of legendary bassist Chubby Jackson) will interview Jen Rathbun about her music and her life. Between interview segments Jaijai will showcase music from Jen’s latest jazz album “Coffee, Chocolate & Men”, a unique selection of original jazzy cabaret tunes full of humor and double-entendre.

When asked about Jen, Mikel Gore of Entertainment Headline News said, “You would swear looking at her ‘live’ pictures in the Houston Chronicle that you were transported in time and were listening to Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, or one of the great torch singers of the past. No one in the music business today, writes jazz like Rathbun”. Her fans agree that Jen Rathbun is a rising star. Her hit single “Married, Buried or Gay” recently reached the number one spot on the TexasTop40 charts.

Born in El Paso, Texas, Jen has always been involved in music, from grade-school piano lessons to her vocal performance degree, and subsequent masters degree in Music Therapy. After several years of applying her music therapy skills to assist brain injured patients, she decided to pursue music full time. “It was really rewarding to work with the patients, but the opportunity arose to pursue my big dream, and I just had to take it.”

Not long after she made the switch to performing, she entered and won the National Singer, Songwriter Auditions in 2003, which garnered her a trip to Nashville. There, her jazz album “Coffee, Chocolate & Men” was born. “You don’t normally think ‘jazz’ when you think of Nashville, but those Nashville players are unbelievably fantastic. I’m so proud of this album.”

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