Danza Meets Jazz Saturday July 23rd at 8pm at The Triad

Over the past few years, a new approach and vision of “latinjazz” is being produced by a new generation of jazz musicians who are no longer relying on afro-cuban cliched standards and are opening a wider window into the latin american musical spectrum and fusing it with the inclusivity of the Jazz language. Among the individuals breaking new ground is composer and educator ANGEL DAVID MATTOS of Puerto Rico. He has managed to create a hybrid between the Puertorican musical form known as “Danza” and America's own homegrown product: Jazz. This unprecedented fusion has culminated in a recording entitled DANZZAJ. Six tracks of original compositions penned by Mattos and four traditional standards composed by the pioneers of the Danza genre, maestros Manuel G. Tavarez and Juan Morel Campos.

On Saturday July 23rd, 2005, Angel David who has performed with an array of stellar jazz artists such as Jon Lucien, Eddie Gomez, Dave Valentin, Alex Acuna, and Mike Stern, amongst others, will be making his New York City debut as a leader at the great room that is the Triad club, located at 158 W. 72nd St, bet. Columbus & Broadway. A 130 seat performance space whose intimacy and acoustics are perfectly suited to experience the type of jazz that Angel David brings forward. Accompanying Angel David on this musical journey will be grammy winning bassist JOHN BENITEZ (Chick Corea, Eddie Palmieri, John Scofield, David Sanchez, Claudia Acuna, etc.), up and coming saxophonist JORGE CASTRO (Hilton Ruiz, Dave Valentin, Ray Vega, Steve Berrios, Giovanni Hidalgo, etc.) and one of the premiere and in demand drummers on the island of Puerto Rico, HECTOR MATOS (Humberto Ramirez, Amuni Nacer, Paoli Mejias, Ramon Vazquez, etc.)

This exclusive presentation will allow New York Jazz audiences to experience music from Angel David's groundbreaking Danzzaj CD, as well as music from his previous release Preludio. Angel himself has baptized his group as the Jazz Boricua Quartet in honor of the fact that both Angel and his musical colleagues were born and raised in “Boriken” (The ancient taino name of the island of Puerto Rico).

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