Tomoko Miyata "This Side Up" CD Released

Tomoko Miyata vocalist from Japan has released her debut CD "This Side Up". Its a CD of Jazz standard but done in an unconventional way one of the high points of the CD is the rarely heard vocal version of "Afro Blue" usually associated with John Coltrane though written by Mongo Santamaria with lyrics by Oscar Brown Jr. Tomoko reworks this classic; many are sure to find this version quite interesting. CD also includes two songs "Sabor A mi"(sung in Spanish) and "O Barquino"(Portuguese). Gerry Mulligan's "Line For Lyons" is done in scatt style. This Masquerade made famous in the 1970s by George Benson is given a very personal approach by Tomoko. There are 10 songs/compositions in all strong accompaniment by supporting musicians.

There's a buzz among some in the Jazz community if this CD ever gets the right amount of airplay things could really happen for Tomoko Miyata.

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