New Album by Legendary Jazz Guitarist Earl Klugh

A 13-time Grammy-nominated guitarist who has collaborated with the likes of Bob James, George Benson and Chick Corea, Earl Klugh has released nearly 30 albums in 25 years, making his smooth, acoustic melodies a truly integral part of contemporary jazz. Klugh emerges from a six-year studio hiatus with a collection of intimate solo interpretations of thirteen standards and pop classics. The album also includes an outstanding version of "Angelina, " the endearing tune from his self-titled 1976 solo debut.

"I've always said the only reason to make an album is to do something interesting and unique each time out, and I really love to go down unexpected paths, " says Klugh. On "Naked Guitar" he puts his indelible stamp on well-known tunes such as "The Summer Knows, " "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead, " "On A Clear Day, " "Alice in Wonderland, " "I Want To Hold Your Hand" and "Moon River."

Reflecting on the making of "Naked Guitar, " Klugh says, "The guitar presents so many possibilities, but for me it is how you utilize all those possibilities to create your own identity, your own sound, your own way. There's the magic for me. I knew it would be fun to get back to work playing songs I have loved for a long time. Many of my improvisations didn't come with a preconceived rhyme or reason; they're more about the feeling of the moment. It was exciting making a record this way."

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