Headhunter’s legend Paul Jackson returns with a vengeance

Paul Jackson, the legendary bass player and founding member of “Herbie Hancock and The Headhunters” has just released another long awaited solo album entitled “Funk On A Stick” on BackDoor Records. This is a jazz-funk masterpiece. The track “Funky Fingers” featuring Jackson on bass and vocals, Mike Clark on drums, percussionist Bill Summers, jazz keyboard legend Herbie Hancock and Jerry Stucker on guitar is reminiscent of the original Headhunters and is destined to be a funk classic. Also noteworthy is the title track “Funk On A Stick” which showcases Jackson’s powerful voice. Another track that shows Jackson’s diversity is the track called “Hey Lou”. This is sort of a beatnik acid jazz-funk cut that takes it to the limit. This album is a must for all the jazz-funk connoisseurs still left on this planet.

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