2nd Annual Canadian Guitar Festival

The 2nd Annual Canadian Guitar Festival kicks into high gear on July 22nd at the Odessa Fair Grounds, just 11 kilometres west of Kingston (near Highway 401). The theme of this year’s three-day outdoor celebration is “Virtuosity Meets Song”. Featuring many of the world’s most prominent guitarists, and in keeping with the theme of this year’s festival, many of these virtuosi are also adept vocalists.

This year’s festival is headlined by the Algerian-born French guitarist, Pierre Bensusan, who graced Southern Ontario last April with a sold-out tour in support of his album Altiplanos, released last year on the Favored Nations label founded by Steve Vai. With Germany’s guitar giant Peter Finger; New Zealand’s Andrew White; one of the living godfathers of Bluegrass, America’s Dan Crary and the only two-time U.S. Fingerstyle guitar champion, Canada’s Don Ross, it might appear that we have the makings of an event better suited to Athens than Odessa. But new friendships, mutual respect and camaraderie among the players and fans are the thrust of this truly international celebration of music.

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