Canadian Jazz Guitarist Shan Arsenault's Jazz Beat Sessions released

Canadian Jazz Guitarist Shan Arsenault announced the release of his latest work “The Jazz Beat Sessions.” The CD is a compilation of two previously recorded sessions for the popular CBC radio two program “Jazz Beat.” The sessions were originally nationally aired on this program. “The Jazz Beat Sessions” features seven of Shan's original recordings as well as some of the finest musicians in Halifax; Shan Arsenault - electric guitar, Jamie Gatti - bass, Tom Roach - drums and Dave Burton - drums.

Shan's playing has been described as “a mature distillation of one of the finest jazz talents to come out of the local scene...Arsenault's superbly timed breaks and fills are unforced and natural, even when, as sometimes happens, his melodic imagination floods the chord changes with more notes than you ever thought would fit in between the bar lines. It is exciting, to be sure, but it also delights the senses with its poetic quality.” - Stephen Pedersen for the Halifax Chronicle Herald

Arsenault has played with countless Canadian and international musicians over his long career as a sideman and had earned the recognition of being a first call player. More recently he is committed to performing, writing and recording his own works and promoting his career as a solo player. Shan is dedicated to passing on his knowledge and over the past two years has quickly become a much sought after guitar instructor in the Halifax area. Current projects include playing with the Paul Cram Sextet and leading several guitar trio and quartet formats.

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