Stamford Guitar Festival and Workshop

For the first time, the Stamford Guitar Festival is presenting a range of styles, from jazz to Gypsy and country to rock. All playing acoustic guitars, some of the best players around; Doc Watson’s partner, Focus’s former lead guitarist, the finest player of Blind Blake’s style, one of the most gifted exponents of Django’s music the list is a long one. One of the best festivals around.

The workshop program is aimed at beginners, intermediate and advanced players of the acoustic guitar. This is a rare opportunity to meet and learn from some of the best guitarists in the world. Bring your guitar and this year a plectrum! Alongside the country blues repertoire there will be opportunities to explore Celtic styles, Gypsy jazz and bluegrass including flatpick and fingerstyle guitar. The country blues repertoire can provide access to the most basic of techniques through to the most sophisticated. The emphasis will be on learning some of these techniques and looking at the repertoire of the likes of Mississippi John Hurt, Blind Blake, Robert Johnson and Son House. You will have the opportunity to explore bottleneck techniques, new chord positions, the many ways open tunings are used in country blues, syncopated picking ideas and chord progressions. As with last year, the specific themes of workshops are not being prescribed this far in advance. All the artists have the opportunity to judge the skills and needs of workshop participants on the day and respond accordingly.

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