The Prime Ministers To Release Self-Titled Debut

The Prime Minsters, a four piece band from San Diego, CA, will release their self-titled debut CD on July 1st, 2005. Their music ranges from bold rock and roll, to sultry, soulful rhythm and blues, and of course, funk. But with respect to their mentors, Frank Zappa, The Meters, Tower of Power, Prince, Freddie King, Funkadelic, Michael Franti and Spearhead, they are constantly drawn back to their roots. Words like ‘soulful’, ‘rockin’, ‘solid music with a backdoor of groovin funk’ come to mind, and let’s not forget that you’d have to be dead not to dance.

Back around 1993 in a small warehouse in San Marcos, surrounded by chop shops, and other seedy, underground endeavors, Bobby Neal (guitar), Drew Danforth (keyboards and vocals) and Nicholas Angelo (bass) found the passion that drove them to jam. Music was always a creative outlet for them during their younger years. Being friends, they were often found spending weeks on end at the warehouse (no woman in their right mind would ever be in attendance), and the boys wrote thousands of songs during this time.

With the addition of David Parillo on drums, who joined the band in March of 2005, The Ministers soon began writing and rehearsing at a break-neck pace. It all fell into place. Recording and gigs soon followed, allowing the Prime Ministers the ability to spread the groove. Today, the Prime Ministers look to the future and can vision themselves touring and playing live all over the country. Their music is written to be heard live, and the band is at their best when the energy of the crowd mixes with their funky feel.

The Prime Ministers are a feel good, get up and move your bottom, have a great time band. In an era of emo music and screaming anger, the Prime Ministers will get you feeling great and refreshed. They appeal to a very wide range of ages, because their sound can at once be fresh and new, but can also bring you back to a funkier time when music was performed to be danced to.

The CD release coincides with The Prime Minsters playing the 2nd Key Rat Reunion in Key Biscayne, Florida over the July 4th weekend. The reunion is a calling back to the island of any and all people who ever grew up there. The 2nd Key Rat Reunion encompasses a wide range of ages and is taken very seriously by the prior inhabitants of this 3 mile island. Any one who grew up on this island was called a Key Rat, and since their was no high school on the island, all students had to travel to the closest school on the mainland of Miami. The 2005 Key Rat Reunion is a three day event which includes the famous 4th of July Parade on Key Biscayne.

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