Jazz Festival at Tivoli 2005

This year once again, Tivoli is putting on a jazz programme consisting of world-class jazz from Denmark and abroad. The programme includes a massive tribute concert to Montmartre, C?cilie Norby, Gino Vannelli and Brand New Heavies.The pages to follow provide brief introductions to the performing artistes. Further information is available from the individual artistes' websites or by contacting Tivoli's Communications Manager, Simon Verheij.

Friday 1 July at 10 pm on Plenen (The Open Air Stage)
Between a Smile and a Tear (a tribute to the Montmartre)
The musician Niels Lan Doky is now making his debut as a film director with the film 'Between a Smile and a Tear (a tribute to the Montmartre)', which premieres in cinemas on 30 June. Last year, the legendary Montmartre venue reopened for two days when some of the veterans of this jazz venue got together for a session. The concerts were a massive hit and were recorded on film on the same occasion. To mark the Danish cinema premiere, the Copenhagen Jazz Festival is opening on Plenen (The Open Air Stage) at Tivoli with a live concert involving the cast at Plenen. The team will consist of: Johnny Griffin (tenor sax), Albert "Tootie" Heath (drums), Toots Thielemans (harmonica), Mads Vinding (bass), Lisa Nilsson (vocals), Niels Lan Doky (piano), and Didier Lockwood (violin). Welcome to an unforgettable evening in the heart of Copenhagen.

Saturday 2 July at 10 pm on Pl?nen (The Open Air Stage)
Cecilie Norby with the Tivoli Big Band
Danish female vocalist C?cilie Norby has made several appearances at Tivoli - and has always had a warm and enthusiastic reception from visitors to the Tivoli Gardens. The 40-year-old singer is without a doubt one of our greatest singing talents in Denmark and has enchanted a large worldwide audience with her voice. Norby's career took off in earnest in the late 1980s with the rock group One Two, after a number of years of singing with the jazz-oriented group Frontline. In 1995, she chose to return to jazz with the solo album 'C?cilie Norby', released on the legendary Blue Note label. Since then, Norby has concentrated exclusively on jazz and has produced five albums, the latest of which, 'London/Paris', was released last year. For this concert, C?cilie Norby will appear with the Tivoli Big Band and she will sing some of her own songs as well as well-known classics.

Sunday 3 and 10 July at 3 pm on Pl?nen (The Open Air Stage)
Djanzz - jungle jazz for kids
With the release of the album 'Junglejazz for B?rn' ('Jungle Jazz for Kids') in 2002, Djanzz rapidly attained the status of one of the most popular children's jazz bands in Denmark. Last year, the group, which comprises Carl Quist M?ller, Palle Windfeldt and Sille Gr?nberg, released a jazz recording for adults, demonstrating that they have another string to their bow for a broad-based audience. The group's children's jazz concerts are always great fun, and in this context their "jungle jazz" has become a huge hit. At the concert at Tivoli, you can meet ?gir the duck, the inventor of rap. The elephant that dances the rumba, and who falls in love with a girl called Iben. The little jazz train. Erna the Sloth, who gives birth to the world's first cuddly toy. Plus a howler monkey. Musically, the group hovers somewhere between French gypsy swing and Brazilian dance rhythms and Spanish serenade as well as jungle reggae. In short, anything that can get the little tots up out of their push-chairs for a rhythmic experience alongside those of use who are a bit bigger.

Saturday night, 5 July at 10 pm on Pl?nen (The Open Air Stage)
Gino Vannelli with the Tivoli Big Band and strings
Canadian singer Gino Vannelli's big, rounded voice has knocked out audiences for more than 30 years. Over the years, his passion for jazz, soul, pop and funk has been documented in an ocean of concerts and on the 14 solo albums he has recorded over the years. His talent has earned him several Grammy nominations and on his latest recording, 'Canto', it is very evident that Vannelli is a singer who is not afraid to experiment and set himself a challenge. Especially when it comes to languages, because the songs on the album are recorded in four different languages. Gino Vannelli has made several appearances in Denmark and produced Niels Lan Doky's album, 'Haitek Haiku', back in 2000. Thus, it will no doubt be a happy reunion when Gino Vannelli makes his first appearance on Pl?nen at Tivoli.

Friday 8 July at 10 pm on Plenen (The Open Air Stage)
Caroline Henderson & Band
Lots of accolades and stars came Caroline Henderson's way when she released her 5th solo album, 'Don't Explain', in 2003. Danish critics were enthusiastic and the eminent US jazz magazine Cadence hailed the album as "one of the top jazz vocal recordings of the year". Last year saw the advent of its successor, 'Made In Europe', a wide-ranging album skilfully spanning blues, tang, soul and, of course, jazz. Since her days with the pop group Ray Dee Ohh and the Dr. Dante theatre company, Caroline Henderson has gone a long way in the universe of music. Her unique talent has led her through many different genres and styles and this is part of the reason why she is one of the most exciting names on the Danish music scene today. A female vocalist who never compromises and who has a real passion for hot jazz.

Saturday 9 July at 10 pm on Pl?nen (The Open Air Stage)
The Brand New Heavies
The English funk band, The Brand New Heavies, is making a come-back after a commercial and artistic break with a new female vocalist, a new album and an inexhaustible supply of energy. The three musicians, Andrew Levy, Jan Kincaid and Simon Bartholomew, met back in the late 1980s and debuted with the album 'The Brand New Heavies' in 1990. Since then, they have experimented somewhat with various jazz and funk styles, resulting in the group's major international breakthrough with the album 'Brother Sister' from 1994 with hits including 'Dream On Dreamer'. Last year, the group returned with the album 'Allaboutthefunk', described by Danish music magazine Gaffa as not only the group's best, but also one of the best albums released in 2004! Fronting the band on this album is the new member of the group, female vocalist Nicole Russo, and, judging by her and the group's latest sell-out concert in Vega this March, they certainly know how to play pure, swinging funk. No doubt the Tivoli illuminations will be brighter than ever when the group makes its first live appearance on Plenen at Tivoli.

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