2X MobileDeviceManager Cloud - Free to the First 10k Subscribers

2X Software has announced the beta release of its 2X MobileDeviceManager SaaS product. As the computing capacity and the popularity of small mobile devices and tablets have rapidly increased, so have the control and manageability issues for IT- administrators. This is creating a growing threat of unauthenticated mobile devices to businesses worldwide. Using the new 2X MobileDeviceManager administrators can now secure and manage their corporate mobile device network by supporting authentication with SSL connections from Android and other mobile and smart devices. Additionally, 2X MobileDeviceManager enables centralized user tracking and effective mobile application and desktop control.

The SaaS model permits a simple product roll out and ease of use. Along with continuous feature updates 2X MobileDeviceManager offers an all-in-one package to provide administrators and end-users the capabilities they need for effective mobile device usability and management.

To register for a free subscription to 2X MobileDeviceManager click here.

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