Titan Analog Design Kit for TSMC 180-nm/65-nm Nodes Announced

Magma Design Automation has announced immediate availability of the Titan Analog Design Kit for TSMC 180-nm and 65-nm processes, that implements Titan's model-based design methodology with Titan FlexCells, which are modular, process- and specification-independent, reusable analog building blocks. The kit provides an analog design ecosystem that enables mutual Magma and TSMC customers to improve design quality and designer productivity.

The Titan Analog Design Kit design kit contains technology independent FlexCells, associated circuit schematics, symbols, test benches, complete documentation and a tutorial. Using the kit, Titan Analog Design Accelerator (Titan ADX), FlexCells, target process information and specifications, users can create an analog design that meets their specified requirements. This unique new methodology enables very rapid analog design with re-usable FlexCell building blocks. The combination of FlexCells and Titan ADX's state-of-the-art optimization engine enables designers to improve the quality and power/performance of their circuits.

The Titan Analog Design Kit also enables analog designers to quickly explore various design specifications and implement optimized designs. This allows TSMC customers a greater range of choices and more flexibility while designing critical analog IP. The design kit plugs directly into traditional analog design environments while reducing overall design time. The Titan Analog Design Kit including FlexCells will be supported by Magma.

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