Magma Announces Reference Flow for GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ 28-nm Low-Power Technology

Magma Design Automation has announced the availability of a netlist-to-GDSII reference flow for GLOBALFOUNDRIES' 28-nanometer super low-power (SLP) high-k metal-gate (HKMG) technology. This sign-off-ready reference flow integrates with GLOBALFOUNDRIES' sign-off verification modules and leverages the Talus IC implementation system's Talus Flow Manager and Talus Visual Volcano to provide unique visualization capabilities that enable mutual customers to quickly and easily import an existing design, then analyze and evaluate its performance in the 28nm-SLP process. Unlike other IC implementation environments, Talus Flow Manager is included with Talus Vortex, eliminating the need to invest in additional tools. This reference flow works with both Magma and third-party tools to automate the entire GLOBALFOUNDRIES' sign-off methodology, ensuring mutual customers complete flexibility in tool selection.

Know Before You Go: The Talus-Flow-Manager-Based Reference Flow

The Talus-Flow-Manager-Based Reference Flow for GLOBABLFOUNDRIES' 28nm-SLP process is an integrated netlist-to-GDSII reference flow based on Talus Design, Talus Vortex and Talus Power Pro and the latest ARM Artisan Physical IP for the 28-nm LP process. Talus Design and Talus Vortex provide an advanced IC implementation solution that performs timing optimization concurrently during routing – rather than sequentially before and after place and route – providing faster overall design closure with better performance and predictability. Talus Power enables a comprehensive set of low-power design methodologies through integrated optimization engines.

The Talus Flow Manager utility within Talus Vortex provides an out-of-the-box netlist-to-GDSII design flow tuned to the 28nm-SLP process to deliver optimal results. The Talus Flow Manager includes the Talus Visual Volcano, a technology designed to help designers make better decisions faster. The Talus Visual Volcano analysis environment offers an integrated information interface that allows an engineer to quickly track many parameters of the design, including runtimes, timing, power and area. Multi-mode, multi-corner design management is made easier by simplifying the control over active versus reported scenarios, and displaying results for all scenarios concurrently. By consolidating this data into HTML charts and graphs, the Talus Visual Volcano saves designers time and improves efficiency by eliminating the need for tedious analysis of log files and textual reports. Block designers, chip integrators or design managers can now all communicate through a common format and make better design decisions as a team.

Talus Power Pro supports power optimization techniques required in low-power designs, including multiple voltage domains, which enable the optimal tradeoff between performance, area and power, and clock gating for dynamic power reduction. Talus Power Pro supports both the Unified Power Format (UPF) and Common Power Format (CPF) standards for power intent. The Talus Flow Manager easily integrates Magma's Tekton, QCP and Quartz DRC/LVS products.

The Talus-Flow-Manager-Based Reference Flow for GLOBALFOUNDRIES' 28nm-SLP technology with the OR1200 open core design is available upon request from Magma and GLOBALFOUNDRIES at no cost to current Talus users. ARM Artisan Physical IP is available from ARM.

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