Cortus APS3 Processor Licensed by Certicom

Certicom, a wholly owned subsidiary of Research In Motion Limited (RIM), has licensed the Cortus APS3 CPU for use in their hardware security technology. This technology enables chip manufacturers and other rights holders to securely manage their assets from the silicon foundry to their consumers.

The Cortus APS3 is a fully 32-bit processor designed specifically for embedded systems. It features a tiny silicon footprint (the same size as an 8051), very low power consumption and high code density. A full development environment is available, which is available for customization and branding for final customer use. The ecosystem around the APS3 is rich and well developed, it includes a full development environment (for C and C++), peripherals typical of embedded systems, bus bridges to ensure easy interfacing to other IP and system support and functions such as cache and memory management units. For the most demanding designs the APS3 can be used in a multi-core configuration. The APS3 processor core is currently in production in a range of products from security applications to ultra low power RF designs.

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