IsansysLifecare Launches the LifeTouch HRV011

IsansysLifecare has announced the launch of the LifeTouch HRV011, a radical new addition to its Lifecare Platform. The LifeTouch is an intelligent cardiac monitor that adheres to the patient's body and analyses the ECG signal of every heartbeat. Key physiological parameters, including heart rate, respiration rate and high resolution QRS intervals, are calculated and uploaded from the LifeTouch to the secure HL7 compliant database in the IsansysLifecare Platform a multi layer, configurable, fully scalable, wireless patient monitoring platform. IsansysLifecare's services, tailored to meet the individual requirements of the care provider, are built on the Lifecare Platform, which is available now.

Resembling a lightweight adhesive bandage strip, the LifeTouch HRV011 is simple to fit, unobtrusively attaches to the body and is comfortable to wear. It continuously measures and digitises the ECG signal at a rate four to five times greater than the standard required for ECG monitors thus offering unprecedented scope for a range of new analytical techniques and algorithms that can run in the HRV011 itself on the advanced ultra-low power integrated microprocessor. Current functions include heart rate, respiration rate, high-resolution QRS intervals and other heart rate variability parameters that are used, among other things, to derive the respiration rate using Isansys' multi-parameter LifeBreath algorithm. Fundamental or derived data (or both) are sent to the web-based database where it can be stored and integrated with other patient information, or forwarded and accessed only by authorized users. Further analysis can be carried out on the data in the database to provide more information about the patient such as indicators of stress and health-warning scores and used to generate alerts or prompts regarding status of the patient.

The LifeTouch HRV011 is built on the Isansys RK001 sensing platform that brings a new level of local intelligence to body worn devices by means of a new, very low power ARM Cortex based microcontroller. The wireless link uses the well-proven ANT ultra-low power wireless protocol. These inherently low power consumption components, together with efficient algorithms provide a continuous working lifetime of up to 100 hours.

Uniquely, the LifeTouch is a semi-disposable hybrid developed with support from Scapa Medical division of Scapa plc, global producers of specialist skin friendly adhesive tape solutions. From the users' point of view it is a single use device. However, a key element of the Isansys service model is a recycling service that recovers, sterilises and refurbishes the electronic module (including the battery), disposes of and replaces the medical grade laminate materials that form the substrate and enclosure for the electronic module, before re-testing and re-packaging for subsequent re-use. This unique service approach ensures all the benefits of fully disposable devices whilst maintaining compliance with the EU WEEE directive and adherence to good environmental practice and substantially reduces the effective cost of the LifeTouch devices.

Scapa's Medical Business Unit and Specialist Conversion Team are utilising their expertise in skin-friendly solutions and design and prototyping to support Isansys in the early stages of the development of the LifeTouch.

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