Comodo Launches Authoritative DNS Service

Comodo has announced acquisition of, the managed domain name system services provider, and the launch of Comodo Authoritative DNS Service. will join the Comodo family of companies and the founding team including Dan Kimball, former CEO of, will join Comodo and continue the development of the next generation of DNS services. Comodo offers a range of software products for enterprises to create trust online, including multi-factor authentication, and PCI/vulnerability scanning. plays a key role in directing and managing Internet traffic, including the availability and security of websites and email. The company's global network of name servers helps visitors get improved performance from websites, content, and applications, ensuring that websites perform optimally.

DNS is the heart of the Internet's naming infrastructure, acting as a virtual directory matching domain names to IP addresses so that Internet users get to where they need to go. Comodo brings a wealth of experience and access to a multinational network of security professionals that will immediately benefit customers. The acquisition leverages Comodo's relationships with datacenters around the world to deploy additional points of presence near major population zones, adding to's highly recoverable network and allowing customers to remain instantly scalable even at high volumes. The combination of a well-established security strategy and proprietary state-of-the-art technologies provides a protective shield to customers, offering rapid fire protection to detect and repel DNS attacks that can compromise organizations and open the door to malicious activity. has recently scaled its infrastructure and deployed hardware upgrades across its network, adding six new nodes for a total of 14 edge locations in places like Seattle, Frankfurt, and Singapore. The company continues to partner with leading registrars and web hosting providers to outsource those organizations' DNS infrastructure and offer advanced DNS options to their customers. offers packages based on queries per month.

This acquisition gives Comodo the ability to immediately roll out secured DNS to the company's large base of business customers who require such a solution.'s managed, hosted service means there is no infrastructure for a company to build or deploy. Customers will have full access to's 14 global anycast edge nodes, easy to use Web based control panel, security expertise, and JSON API.

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