Monarch Education Furniture Launches New Products

Monarch Education Furniture, the company behind LapCabby, has launched a range of new products which make storing, charging and using school laptops easier than ever before.

Two new ranges of the LapCabby storage and charging unit - the LapCabby Up-Link and the LapCabby Connect have been introduced.

Monarch Education Furniture has also launched a storage solution for LapCabby users with iPads, the LapCabby Mini Charge and Store iPad Converter Kit.

The LapCabby Up-Link range features a Wi-Fi access point that enables the unit to be plugged into a school's local area network (LAN). This provides a wireless link so that the laptops can easily and quickly connect to the Internet while being used in the classroom.

This range also features a gigabit switch allowing the laptops to remain connected to the LAN even while charging, enabling schools to update software or data on their computers overnight.

The LapCabby Connect range also allows teachers and children to connect their classroom laptops to the Web and local area network (LAN) as it features an integrated D-Link router.

This router is kept ventilated and secured in the back of the unit, preventing damage but allowing for easy access if required.

The LapCabby Mini Charge and Store iPad Converter Kit is a soft padded pocket which holds iPads in place within the LapCabby Mini. This product features an USB port which plugs into the power strip for easy charging.

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