ISL Groop Offers Online Meeting Alternative to DimDim Customers

A few days ago, Salesforce announced the acquisition of the web conference provider DimDim and left its users questioning what's next? Meanwhile, ISL Online has published on its blog that its online collaboration application ISL Groop is a perfect alternative, as it allows DimDimSaaS Subscribers to continue meeting online. ISL Online even offers a prolonged free trial until the expiry date of a valid DimDim subscription.

ISL Online has been supplying easy-to-use, on-demand business software for remote desktop support and access, web meetings and instant live chats since 2003 to over 90,000 business users worldwide which establish more than 5 million session per year. ISL Groop is their software solution for online meetings, live webinars, e-learning and web collaboration. It is an ideal alternative for DimDim as it allows users all over the world to communicate via the integrated VoIP and video, work on shared documents or even share their desktop. It works on operating systems Windows, Mac, Linux. No registration and no personal information are required.

According to DimDim, their customers with monthly accounts will have a valid service until the 15th March, while annual accounts will be available until their current subscription ends. To make the transition of DimDim users as smooth as possible, ISL Online offers all users with a valid DimDim account a free ISL Online subscription until the expiry date of their DimDim subscription.

DimDim is an online collaboration software based on an open source platform, hence DimDim offered online meetings for free for up to 20 people. Since its foundation in 2007 DimDim has gained a high number of users worldwide, and its existing customers can now find a quick solution by migrating over to ISL Groop.

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