SDL Releases New Video Case Studies

SDL has released video case studies that confirm the importance of Global Information Management for top global brands today. In these videos, top brands HP, LG, Mandarin Oriental Hotels and Informatica illustrate how Global Information Management has contributed to their business success.

In the videos, the companies refer to the strategy as fundamental in ensuring proper communications with their customers, improving their experience with their products and providing a consistent brand experience, no matter where their customers are in the world. For companies such as these, a strategy that ensures consistent communication across multiple languages and channels of customer engagement such as the Web, mobile devices, technical documentation and after sales support - is fundamental to business success. In addition, the capability to launch products simultaneously in multiple markets increases their agility and helps them to get the most out of their product's lifecycle.

Global Information Management helps companies engage with their customers throughout the customer journey from brand awareness, to sales and after-sales support and across languages, cultures and channels. Watch the videos now here.

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