Paltalk Adds Vietnamese Radio Talk Show Radio Bolsa

Paltalk announced the launch of Radio Bolsa, providing local and international news, including news from their homeland, Vietnam, to millions of listeners with access to the internet worldwide. Leveraging Paltalk technology, Radio Bolsa is bridging the gap between Vietnamese communities overseas through a unique program line-up contributed by talented Vietnamese artists, writers, journalists, and professionals as well as promoting local, and national goods and services of their program sponsors.

Radio Bolsa programs have a unique focus on a wide range of topics, including world news, U.S. news, local news, music from traditional to modern sources, interviews with community leaders, and coverage of special events, especially cultural festivities. Each program is designed to acculturate newly immigrated Vietnamese to America and to help those Vietnamese already established in America keep in touch with their heritage.

Vietnamese is the fastest growing Asian population in the U.S., according to the US 2010 Census. Out of 1.5 million Vietnamese in the U.S., approximately 250,000 people reside in Southern California where Radio Bolsa broadcasts its daily radio program. Vietnamese is the preferred spoken language in almost all Vietnamese households; hence, they subscribe to Vietnamese daily newspapers and tune-in to daily live broadcasts from Radio Bolsa for news, information, and entertainment.

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